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Simple status updates

Meet Olly, your new best BOT.
Just tell him your availability and he’ll handle the rest.

Natural Language

Talk to Olly the StatusBot like you’d talk to your friends, there’s no special commands to learn. The more you talk to him, the smarter he gets!

Add to Slack

Tell Olly the StatusBot your availability with real sentences. You: Hey Olly, I'm going on vacation from Dec 25 to Dec 31. Olly: Nice! Hope you have a great vacation. I'll let everyone know!

Presence Types

Olly recognizes just about any presence you can throw at him! And it’s as easy as a conversation.

Add to Slack

Olly recognizes presence types like Sick, Vacation, Travel, Remote, Appointment, Meeting and Training

Status Requests

Missed the daily update or can’t find someone? Ask Olly the StatusBot for the availability of a colleague and he’ll let you know instantly.

Add to Slack

Olly the StatusBot tells you the availability of colleagues. You: Olly, is Sam around today? Olly: Hm - looks like Sam has an appointment today


Olly the StatusBot will nudge your colleagues if they send you a message while you’re away to let them know you might not respond.

Add to Slack

Olly the StatusBot will remind people of your availability. Bob: Tim, can you send me the expense report? Olly: Tim is away on vacation until Monday so he might not respond.

Daily availability report

Grab your morning and visit Olly the StatusBot in your Slack channel. He’ll let you know who is out for the day.

  • Scheduled absences

    Every morning Olly will let you know who is away, why, and when they’re expected back.

  • Just in time

    Olly will broadcast all unscheduled absences (like sicknesses) as they occur throughout the day.


Easy setup

Use the Slack you love.
Olly the StatusBot fits right in to your existing tool.

  1. Step-1

    Connect Olly StatusBot by using your Slack credentials

  2. Step-2

    Select a channel for daily availability reports

  3. Step-3

    Tell Olly your availability and he’ll let your colleagues know